Collaborative Urban Teaching Platform

Universities and governments are increasingly encouraged to work collaboratively on large-scale urban development projects. Landcom fosters this engagement through research and student engagement activities under the Landcom Roundtable Agreement. One such initiative is the Collaborative Urban Teaching Platform (CUTP) which is a multi-university, cross-disciplinary urban teaching partnership developed by Landcom and several NSW-based universities.

The FY20 CUTP was offered to 180 students from a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate courses from the University of Technology Sydney and Western Sydney University.

Each course adopted either the Cherrybrook Station Precinct (part of our SMNW Places program) or an adjacent site within the Cherrybrook Precinct Structure Plan as their semester-long case study. Landcom provided information about the projects and Landcom’s objectives to all participating students at a joint briefing at the beginning of the semester.

The best student groups pitched their ideas and development proposals to judges from Landcom at the end of the semester, at a final event on 23 October 2019, with awards for the most innovative proposals that met Landcom’s objectives. Representatives from the NSW Public Service Commission also attended the event to promote the NSW Government Graduate Program, reinforcing the opportunities for the students to appreciate the Landcom business firsthand and impress their achievements on Landcom Executives, Directors and Senior Managers.

In addition to the CUTP, Landcom provided opportunities for over 600 other students from primary schools through to universities to engage with Landcom projects through guest lectures provided by Landcom senior managers, visits to project sites, and student research and case study projects.