Schofields Diverse Housing

Landcom has developed an innovative and targeted approach to housing affordability. The approach provides a comprehensive and workable solution to the problem of housing affordability for people on low-moderate incomes. It features a range of housing options for people with differing equity and income levels.

Landcom’s mission is to create more affordable and sustainable communities. Our Schofields demonstration project in Western Sydney is a great example of how we are embracing the challenges that limit housing diversity and affordability, and finding innovative solutions to overcome these problems.

The purpose of our Schofields project is to demonstrate that greater housing diversity, with more liveable and green streetscapes, is possible within existing planning controls.

Schofields is focused on providing ‘missing middle’ typologies including a range of low rise and medium density dwellings, such as terraces and manor-homes that are nestled between detached homes and residential apartments. Together this housing diversity creates a ‘patchwork’ of housing options across a community, reflecting the different needs of households through all stages of life.

Schofields will also create liveable and green streets, with the aim of re-inventing the traditional road reserve to mitigate urban heat and create places for informal social interaction and incidental play. This creative design response encourages activity and social interaction, fostering great sense of belonging and community cohesion.

SchofieldsImageFor Report

An artists impression of a streetscape in the Schofield’s project